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Load Hog and LHX blades
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Power Steering Advice:

Dear client when last have you had your vehicles power steering system serviced?

It will be beneficial to you as the vehicle owner when having the vehicle serviced to ask the workshop servicing your vehicle to have a look for power steering leaks or problems that may occur. Prevention is better than cause. We are always available for advice on any of your power steering queries.

Suspension Components:

We supply a wide variety of suspension components as well as recondition a large number of the suspension components. Don't be so fast to throw away a control arm that is not bent, with certain arms the bushes can just be replaced.

There is also no need to throw away a ball joint, at SB&S we can repair your existing ball joint by utilizing a tension cap system for the ball joint, this makes it not just another suspension component but instead a serviceable item.

Load Hogs and LHX Blades:

We supply and fit Loadhog Helper Spring Kits and LHX Twinblade Stabilizers to upgrade suspensions for Bakkies and 4 x 4's when fully loaded (no alterations) for excellent handling stability.
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